English Captions FAQ

What You Get

What do I get back from Rev?
  • We produce either a text-based caption file or video file with the captions permanently burned into the video.

  • You can download examples and read more



What caption and subtitle file formats can you provide?

These are our most commonly-requested formats. Click each to download an example file:

  • SubRip (.srt)

  • Scenarist (.scc) 

  • MacCaption (.mcc)

  • Timed Text (.ttml)

  • Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt)

  • Transcript (.txt)

  • WebVTT (.vtt)

  • DFXP (.dfxp)

  • Cheetah .CAP (.cap)

  • Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)

  • Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)

  • Avid DVD Subtitle File (.txt)

  • Facebook-ready SubRip (.srt)

  • Scenarist 23.98 fps (.23p.scc) Email us

  • Burned-in Captions (Video)

  • XML (.xml) is interchangeable with Timed Text => please order .ttml

  • Want something else? Contact sales.


How do I get my finished caption files?

We'll email them to you as soon as they're ready.

How can I view and edit the caption file?

Rev's free Captions Editor makes it easy to edit your captions directly in browser. With our new tool, customers can:

  • Preview the caption files as they would appear in your video player

  • Make adjustments to spelling, grammar, timing, and display of captions

  • Save any edits made to a version you control

  • Apply various post-processing modifications

  • Select from a variety of output formats and immediately download

The Captions Editor can be launched from your order delivery email or through the Order Details page. Existing customers can launch the editor here.

Can I download my video with the captions or subtitles permanently visible?

Yes, you can receive your video back with the subtitles burned in or permanently embedded. Just choose the "Burned-in Subtitles" add on when you're placing your next captions order.

How to Order

What video file formats can you accept?

We can accept all common digital video formats, such as MOV, AVI, MP4, VOB, Ogg and more. You can also paste a link to an online hosted video or use one of our integration partners.

How can we get our videos to Rev?

Most customers use our online order form. The order form supports a few options:

  • Upload a video file directly from your computer. Each file must be less than 5 GB in size when ordered through a URL/web interface. Up to 20GB for direct upload. The direct upload must be publicly accessible and cannot require login, passwords, term acceptance or registration.

  • Paste in a link to an online video, such as Youtube or Vimeo.

  • Connect to videos already stored in an FTP server, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. In the order form, click Upload File then select the cloud service on the left.

We also offer a number of alternative ways to order, depending on your needs:

Email us for more info about these options.

Do you need full-resolution, master video files?

No - we actually prefer lower-resolution versions of your video for our subtitling work. A smaller file is quicker to upload, which allows us to start work even faster.

We recommend reducing the video resolution to 640 x 480 and using the MP4 format with H.264 encoding. A 30 minute video should be less than 600 MB.

How do I pay for my captions?

The online order form will charge your credit / debit card, or your PayPal account at the time of ordering. You can securely save your credit card info to your account for future orders.

For customers with large, recurring needs, we offer monthly billing.

Can I give you a transcript or vocabulary list for my video?

No. We do not accept transcripts for our translated subtitle service.

Security and Confidentiality

How do you keep information confidential?
  • Rev has a strict customer confidentiality policy. Your files are private and protected from unauthorized access.

  • All of our professionals have signed NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements. Rev professionals only complete work on our secure platform.

How do you protect my files?
  • We encrypt all data - both in transit and where it is stored on our protected AWS servers. Your files are securely stored and transmitted using TLS 1.2 encryption, bank-level security. To deconstruct this jargon, it would take a supercomputer 13.75 billion years to break this encryption and compromise our security.

  • If you'd ever like us to permanently delete your files, just contact us.

How do you protect my payment information?
  • We never store credit card information - we simply pass it securely to our bank for safe-keeping. Rev maintains a PCI certification for payment processing.

  • We work with PayPal to ensure that all payments that go through PayPal are secure and encrypted.

Where can I find more information on Rev's security and privacy policy?

Visit our dedicated Security and Privacy page for more information.

For additional details on our security and privacy programs, contact us.

Will Rev sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Rev has a strict customer confidentiality policy. However, we understand that some customers require additional documentation via a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).