Automatic Live Captions for Zoom

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The Best Speech Recognition AI Now Available in Real-Time for Zoom

Why Live Captions?

Rev Live Captions automatically adds real-time captions to Zoom meetings and webinars, helping you and your viewers:
Understand & Be Understood
By simply including the words someone is saying on-screen, you can dramatically improve how much of the conversation others will take in, understand, and respond to.
Get More Productive
It's not just that captions keep viewers focused (they do!) We've also built our app with ease-of-use and scalability in mind, so that no matter the size of your organization, nothing will be lost in translation.
Make Everyone Feel Included
Captions allow meetings to be accessible to all. For the deaf, hard of hearing, or non-native English speakers, they are an absolute necessity to understand what's going on.

How It Works

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Set Up With Us

Create an account on

Install The App

Go to the Zoom App Marketplace and grant the appropriate permissions.

Get Captions

Start a Zoom meeting and click "Show Subtitle" to see live captions.

Why Rev?

We Get It Right

Our English speech-to-text AI is the most accurate in the world.

We Keep It Simple (And Scalable)

You’ll only need to install Rev Live Captions once, then it applies to all meetings.

We Won’t Surprise Your Budget

Caption every meeting for a simple, flat monthly fee.

We’re Speedy

Our captions display in real-time, with limited lag.

We Do More

Easily get free post-meeting transcripts by turning them on in your Zoom settings.

We Respect Privacy

We don’t store records or any sensitive data, ever.


For Individuals & Small Teams
$20 / host
Billed monthly
Make the most out of your Zoom account:
Live captions for Zoom Meetings
Live captions for Zoom Webinars
Post-meeting transcript
User management
80 caption hours (per month)
For Large Teams & Organizations
Let's talk
Improve communication at scale, with features and resources like:
Custom reporting
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Dedicated onboarding
Account management
Priority support
Custom usage limits
Volume discounts

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The Best Live Caption Solution for Zoom

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