Build with the best speech-to-text APIs around.

Rev is the home to both the most accurate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model and the largest marketplace of speech-to-text freelancers. With Rev’s APIs, you can build with either of these powerhouse solutions—or both.

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Two colleagues are integrating Rev's Speech to text APIs for automatic transcription of a large volume of Content

Access Rev’s speech-to-text marketplace from your tools

Streamline workflows and drive productivity with’s RESTful API, where you can place orders for 99%- accurate transcripts and captions directly from your application.

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Build with the world’s most accurate ASR model

Simplify your build with Rev AI, a single ASR solution for streaming or asynchronous speech-to-text capabilities across all accents, dialects, and languages.

Why Rev AI is The Most Accurate ASR in the World

  • We’ve been a leader in the human speech-to-text space for nearly a decade.

  • Our 60,000+ speech-to-text professionals work with, and train, our ASR. In turn, our AI allows our freelancers to transcribe faster and more accurately, producing millions of hours of ground-truth data.

  • We are singularly focused on having a lower word error rate than any other ASR provider on the market.

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Why build with Rev

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Best accuracy

We deliver a standard of speech-to-text accuracy greater than any other solution out there—both with our freelancers and Automatic Speech Recognition model.

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Super scalable

You won’t find a larger marketplace of freelance captioners, transcriptionists, and subtitlers anywhere else. We’re 70,000+ strong and, available 24/7 to meet your needs.

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Enterprise-grade security

Encrypted both in rest and in transit, your files are backed up, recoverable, and safe. We follow third-party assurance of security best practices with SOC 2 compliance.

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Reliable service

We offer a high availability of service you can trust with 99.9% uptime, all the time, guaranteed.

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Simple documentation

Implementation is easy with crystal-clear documentation that gets you up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

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Competitive pricing

Get the best price for automatic or human speech-to-text services without sacrificing quality, speed, or turnaround time.

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