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Accessibility and productivity matter to both your audience and your bottom line. See how organizations around the world partner with Rev to use speech-to-text services to maximize their time while creating effective, accessible content.

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Video UI of a audience and a woman asking question from a guest with Rev's Speech-to-text solutions embedded.

A few of the many reasons to caption, transcribe, and subtitle your content.


Everyone deserves access to a quality education. Transcripts, captions, and subtitles support students from diverse backgrounds by creating a learning environment that meets the students’ needs.

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When a story breaks, it’s crucial to get it out as quickly as possible. Rev’s fast turnaround times help news and broadcast companies create more accessible news content at breakneck speed.

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Rev helps tech companies be as agile as possible with insight-driven speech-to-text solutions and platform integrations that seamlessly fit into their workflows.

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Legal Services

Efficiently and accurately transcribe interviews, depositions, and interrogations. Text versions of audio recordings are critical for law enforcement agencies and legal firms to do their best work.

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From adding English captions and global subtitles to reach new audiences to boosting SEO performance through transcripts, Rev helps marketing departments achieve big-time ROI and grow their bottom line.

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Qualitative interviews can leave you with hundreds of hours of audio to sift through. With Rev transcripts, you can find select sound bites and key insights in minutes.

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Spotify delivers new content around the world by using Rev's caption, transcribe, and subtitle services.
Customer Story Spotlight

Rev Helps Spotify Deliver the Fresh, On-Demand Content Their Users Love

With over 20 million subscribers, Spotify is one of the largest digital content streaming services. Users can choose from millions of songs, along with innovative video and audio content, to enjoy wherever they are. They can listen for free or subscribe to the service for additional features.

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