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Build a more efficient, collaborative editing process for your team with searchable, editable transcripts. Once the editing is done and you have your final product, you can add our highly accurate captions to complete your post-production process.

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Transcribe footage to find golden moments in seconds. 

Scrubbing through hours of footage can be tedious. Rev’s professional transcription services speed up content creation by empowering your team to find key moments of dialogue with time-stamped transcripts of your audio or video file. Produce videos and podcasts faster by incorporating transcripts as part of your content workflow.

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Leave the captioning to Rev’s trusted freelancers. 

Ever try manually captioning a video? It’s tedious and takes crucial members of your team away from more important and specialized tasks. Instead, trust Rev’s team of high-quality freelancers to quickly and affordably provide the closed caption or open caption (also known as “burned in”) files you need to complete your project. 

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Get your content out of the editing bay fast by transcribing your raw audio and video files. Rev’s transcription services help your content team zero in on the individual clips they’re searching for in less time. Plus, collaborating on a transcript is easy for teams with Rev’s free and shareable transcript editor. 

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