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  March 4, 2021  
Armando S.
Very helpful staff and helped me resolve my issues.
  March 3, 2021  
Fractal C.
Much faster than expected. Word perfect! Quite impressive.
  March 3, 2021  
Glen W.
Amazing services
  March 3, 2021  
Excellent service. The accuracy was perfect, I didn’t spend any time correcting errors which was a pleasant surprise.
  March 1, 2021  
sarah b.
The subtitles did not show in the video because they were too low and I couldn’t use the video. It was disappointing. I have sent an email so hopefully will get addressed. Thank you very much
  February 28, 2021  
Jacob S.
Excellent work. Would love to use this transcriber again if at all possible.
  February 27, 2021  
A very brief transcription job came back perfect, in just minutes.
  February 25, 2021  
Lisa S.
For the money, this Rough Draft service can't be beat! It catches every um, but it makes it easy for a writer to use the transcript for research purposes without having to edit at all.
  February 25, 2021  
I am very satisfied with your services and I will use them again and recommend you for sure! Keep up the great work 👍
  February 23, 2021  
Andrew T.
Smooth sailing, easy to use, quick turn-around and excellent value for money.
  February 23, 2021  
This is a great service. Easy to use, fast and best of all accurate captioning!
  February 23, 2021  
Justin W.
Always fast turnaround and always accurate
  February 19, 2021  
Greg R.
Quick and affordable. I'm very pleased with this service and will continue to use.
  February 19, 2021  
Maureen W.
Excellent, reliable and highly proficient service!
  February 19, 2021  
Lara J.
Honestly the best transcriptions I've seen in a while, I have paid a lot of different people to do the same, but Rev is by far the best. Highly Recommended.
  February 17, 2021  
Jolene R.
Your services provided were fairly priced, quick and responsive, and very accurate. The quality is great and reliable. Thank you to the team at Rev for creating and offering a great customer experience.
  February 11, 2021  
John K.
Fantastic - I was worried about the sound levels on my recording and the transcription was excellent. Thank you!
  February 11, 2021  
Trevor H.
Super fast turn-around, and impressively accurate transcription. Thank you Rev!
  February 11, 2021  
Mark A.
Perfect delivery and quality
  February 9, 2021  
Daniel F.
Great platform, just the Japanese translations I got for video subtitles were a little off. Had to get these re translated by a Japanese speaker.