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Stop wasting time slogging through hours of interview audio. Instead, transcribe your audio files into searchable text and find high-impact insights in minutes.

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Market analyst recording her voice on phone to transcribe audio into searchable text with Rev's surface insights Service
Video UI of Women skilled transcriptionist transcribing audio into text with Rev’s surface insights Services.

99%-accurate transcripts completed by skilled transcriptionists

When synthesizing your research insights for a strict deadline, you want to be able to pull direct quotes from a polished transcript. With Rev’s human transcription, you don’t have to spend time editing the transcript. You can go straight to the analysis. Plus you can use Rev’s interactive transcript editor to collaborate and share insights with others as your research project progresses.

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Developer is integrating Rev's surface insights API for automatic transcription of large volume of content with accuracy

90%+ accurate automated transcripts in minutes

If you need to quickly review and pull key pieces from a large volume of interviews or focus groups, automated transcription is the perfect option. Powered by the most accurate speech recognition AI on the planet, Rev’s auto transcription service offers up to 90% accurate transcripts available on the fly.

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Market researchers are in the business of discovering valuable insights—and Rev’s transcription tools for interviewing make that task a lot more efficient. Accurate, affordable transcripts allow you to spend less time hunting for the key quotes you need to make your final reports shine.

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